Casanova will face a new charge of attempted murder following an incident in Miami

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For the federal authorities, it is Caswell Senior, but for us, it is Casanova who is threatened by a new charge of attempted murder.

Casanova has been in Westchester County Jail since late 2020. He surrendered to the FBI in a RICO with the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation. According to the charges, Casanova and 18 others are perpetrators of drug trafficking, weapons and acts of violence. Casanova is said to be the supreme leader of the Gorilla Stone gang and all violent acts by the gang are said to be carried out on orders from him. US Attorney David Felton had served it in court in these terms: “The only thing that the passage of time since the three prior first degree convictions has established is that the accused has moved from a more subordinate role to a leadership role, where his subordinates do the dirty work in his hands. name and on behalf of the gang, ”.
According to All Hip-Hop, Casanova tried earlier this year to get out of prison on bail without success. He did not hide his disappointment and always claims his innocence. “This is a public service announcement to all of my very important fans and friends. I have been in jail for almost a year now, exhausted all avenues and spent a significant amount of legal fees to prove my innocence. The charges against me are false, they do not represent or reflect who I am. They are simply using my criminal history to crucify me in court . He wrote, confirming the information from All Hip-Hop.
While a maximum life sentence hangs over Casanova, rappers try to free him from prison like Tory Lanez.

A stay extended by another charge

This news will not please  Jasmere Corbett , wife of Casanova. She expressed last August her annoyance at the absence of her man with whom she seeks to spend more time.
A new charge hangs over the New York rapper. This is a charge of attempted murder. The charge is based on a shooting in October 2020 outside the King of Diamonds nightclub in Miami. Outside the club, Casanova is said to have arrested a man who used a gang sign. Irritated, Casanova is said to have threatened the unfortunate man with death. It did not take less so that his partner, Jarrett Crisler alias Jaycee does not pull the trigger twice. These two shots injured two men that day.

The overwhelming proof

While it is true that the men are not dead, the charge is based on Jaycee’s intention to shoot the two men. The proof of his true intention can be found in his cell phone confiscated after the shooting.
The search uncovered messages sent and which show that Jaycee instead celebrates his act. One message is for information: ” I killed a *** last night smh  ” and the other is rather festive: ” It’s in the news. 2 of them, I only shot twice, which means I never miss a shot… Biggest shot in the world are you trying to challenge me? MDR. “

The past plays against Casanova

Difficult for Casanova to get out of this affair. He has a history with justice and his short career as a rapper has failed to erase it. He has already been in jail in the past. He served a sentence of almost eight years in prison on Rikers Island where he was once the co-inmate of the famous A $ AP Rocky. It is since his release in 2014 that he embarked on a rather successful career as a rapper with his many hits with American rap tenors like DJ Premier, Uncle Murda, Tekashi not to mention the legend of 50 cent rap.

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