Cazzie David and Mac Miller’s brother have an affair

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Out of sight, Cazzie David and McCormick Miller lived their love in secret until the rather recent past. This is no longer the case. The secret is known to the general public.

Discreet relationship, relationship that lasts. This adage was for almost two years the slogan between Cazzie David and the brother of the late rapper Mac Miller. The two have reportedly been romancing for more than two years and have preferred to keep it a secret to avoid damaging comments from critics.

A little love nest

Some might think of a flirtation, but the relationship between the two is pretty serious and is in the project stage. Page Six claims in an article that the two lovebirds bought a $ 450,000 house in the graphic designer’s hometown of Pittsburgh in February. At 32, McCormick Miller became the owner of a house with his beloved 27-year-old David Cazzie as host.

The house is located in the East End of the city, in the community of Regent Square. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Everything is there so that the couple does not let themselves be seen too. Discretion therefore continues even with their neighborhood. “ They seem to be nice kids. They stay together, ”said one of their neighbor.

Happiness after an avalanche of misfortunes

Cazzie David had been marked with his failed romance with Pete Davidson . The Saturday Night Live star who appears to have a relationship with Kim Kardashian also had a short romance with Ariana Grande.

Ironically, Ariana Grande broke up with Mac Miller before getting together with Pete Davidson. Faced with the budding relationship between their exes, Cazzie and Mac Miller got closer and forged strong bonds. It is certainly thanks to his connections that Cazzie met and got in touch with McCormick Miller’s brother after the death of the rapper author of “Blue Slide Park” on September 7, 2018.

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