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Yesterday the USA celebrated its Independence Day. Gunshots rang out during a National Day parade in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. At least six people were killed and another 24 people were injured. The 22-year-old suspect was caught by police about ten hours later during a chase.

Now it turns out that he was known as a hip-hop artist under the name Awake The Rapper – and not at all unsuccessfully.

Awake The Rapper: The alleged perpetrator was a well-known underground rapper

Awake The Rapper has been active in the underground rap scene for a number of years. His music can be assigned to the Lo-Fi sub-genre, in which he was able to make a name for himself through his online presence on YouTube. His fan base seemed to be loyal: two of his songs were able to break the one million streams on Spotify, reports the music magazine COS .

In terms of content, the suspect’s music has taken on darker and darker traits. In one of his songs from last year he dealt with a killing spree. In those lyrics, he also rapped about dying after a shootout with the police. The music video for the song showed him in an empty classroom with guns. 

These “works” did not appear to be pure art, but concrete fantasies of violence. The alleged perpetrator is also said to have shown his mental instability openly on the Internet. A user on Reddit reports on a live stream from last year in which the alleged perpetrator spoke confusing things and seemed to be standing next to him. Others speculate that he planned the act long beforehand and documented it in his videos.

Much of his YouTube content was previously blocked for violating community guidelines. Various other videos were also taken from the platform after the police identified the young adult as the alleged perpetrator. He is also no longer available on Spotify. However, if you search for your alias on relevant video platforms, you will come across some re-uploads

Son of a politician: The suspected perpetrator of the Chicago attack

The suspect’s family has reportedly lived in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park for a while. His father was politically active and ran for mayor of Highland Park in 2019. He is the owner of a small deli business. 

According to online reports , photos have surfaced of the suspected shooter at Trump rallies wearing a  Waldo costume. In another picture, he seems to have photographed himself with a Trump supporter flag. He was also the admin of a discord channel called “SS” which was banned as a result.

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