Chief Keef goes wild on his new single “Tony Montana Flow”

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The final version of Chief Keef’s ‘Tony Montana Flow’ has been available on all streaming platforms since yesterday.

Chief Keef’s ‘Tony Montana Flow’ officially released

On the day of yesterday, November 22, fans of Chief Keef were treated to the official release of his title ” Tony Montana Flow ”. Even though the track had already been leaked about a year ago, this time around it’s a final release.

This recent single from Chief Keef has been released on all digital streaming platforms. The fans savor it with great pleasure. Lots of positive feedback.

Chief Keef appealed to his inner Scarface on this title

Rapping on too heavy a production accentuated by powerful horns, Sosa channels the Tony Montana that is in him and lets everyone know how he became a full-fledged boss, and what he is willing to do to keep this place of choice.

The American rapper has shone in recent years by his absence in the musical game. Although the Chicago rapper hasn’t released an album for some time after the recent, ‘King Sosa’ (2016), his music has been among the most popular for most of the decade. He is one of the most important pioneers of the 2010s.

We still remember his singles “I Don’t Like” and “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef who were certified turntables. Three albums, several mixtapes and EPs, he is one of the precursors of drill music, a hip hop musical style that he popularized around the world with his tracks ” I Don’t Like ”, ” Love Sosa ” and ” Hate Bein ‘Sober’ ‘. He influenced several young rapper artists.

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