Chris Brown Responds To 100 Million Instagram Followers

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Singer-songwriter, actor-director and dancer-choreographer, Chris Brown is a star who needs no introduction and who has many skills. Recently, the star took an important step on Instagram.

Chris Brown: a sure musical value

Chris Brown has been in the music industry for a very long time now. Since the mid-2000s, he has had a series of hits, while showcasing his talents as a dancer. At the beginning of his career, the comparisons with Michael Jackson were therefore numerous .

While he never reached this level of fame or artistic output, there’s no denying that Chris Brown has managed to gain a ton of fans . His supporters follow him everywhere and especially on social networks.

Even today, the cereal maker continues to release solid albums and fans are eagerly awaiting his next album. After all, his voice is still as powerful as it was 15 years ago. In addition, fans want to know the direction of his artistic vision in the future .

Chris Brown: 100 million followers on Instagram

One of the social networks that it is difficult to get a large number of followers on is Instagram . This justifies the admiration with which those who succeed are the object. The popularity of Rihanna’s ex is still on the rise, and there’s no better metric for that than IG followers.

In fact, Brown recently took a big step forward as he now has over 100 million followers on IG . On this occasion, the interpreter of “Loyal” went through the said platform to thank his fans for their support .

On his page, the singer even posted an image of himself sitting on a “100” in the sky whose zeros are made of Dragon Balls. The image was followed by the caption  : “100,000,000 I love you all to the stars and return to Team Breezy” with heart emojis and clasped hands, a sign of thanks.

Knowing that Instagram’s most followed celebrity is Cristiano Ronaldo with 270 million subscribers, Brown still has a long way to go before he can claim that level . However, it must be nice to have nine figures of supporters whose feedback makes you money . Let’s also hope that Chris Brown will bless these fans with an album very soon.

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