Chrisean Rock responds to Wack 100 who accuses him of improperly breaking into his house

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Wack, who is the manager of Blueface, claimed in a recent interview that had his security guards been present on his property, Chrisean would have been shot dead.

We haven’t heard much about those three in the past few days, other than Blueface’s announcement about the pregnancy of his girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis. But in The Daily Read’s chat room with Jason Lee Clubhouse, Wack 100 rekindled the feud.

Wack had already called out to Chrisean and described her as “a waste of time” . Days after arguing, he wrote on Instagram Story, “Told this girl on day one she was a waste of time! Hygiene bad attitude bad music bad #allbad #yagottago #getout [trashemojis] this aint how Baltimore get down. “

According to Wack, Chrisean broke into his home over the Thanksgiving vacation when he sent his security guards home so they could spend time with their families. According to him, at 5 a.m. Chrisean tried to sneak out of a window, adding that if her security guards had been there she would have been shot.

Lonely’s rapper gives her opinion on her Instagram story

After Blueface’s manager claimed she broke into his house, Chrisean countered by insisting that the house is hers. 

Sharing a screenshot from Wack’s interview , she said, “Actually you’re lucky to be alive, why are you still angry? I’m not going anywhere. Keep telling the media nonsense just to make me look like someone who is not who he really is. “

She goes on to accuse Wack 100 of bringing everything back to him: “  You can’t break into a house that is his, it was my house. ****. You want to be in the blues so badly that you’ve brought this situation to your own once again. I let you down because my heart is not made to respectfully take back all that is mine, ” she continued. “I’m the type to open another door and forget the one who tried to destroy me.”

What does Blueface say? 

As for Blueface, he previously disclosed that Chrisean did not live with him as he arranged for her to live elsewhere. However, the altercation took place after she broke into her property. “She kept trying to come over and do weird s ** ts… I sent her [to another place]. She broke all the windows, ” he said.

Fortunately, things didn’t get physical. “  No one touched her or put their hands on her. He was just frustrated; he was probably trying to scare her, ” Blueface said of Wack. “He never hit her and never approached her. I don’t let that sort of thing happen, it’s just a bunch of emotions. She wasn’t supposed to be there at the time. “

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