Clyde Guevara and DJ Drama featuring on the single “Old Me”

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In collaboration with DJ Drama, Brooklyn artist Clyde Guevara has just released a new track titled ‘Old me’. 

Clyde Guevara and DJ Drama Team Up for New Track, “Old Me”

Announced a few days ago, the fruit of the collaboration between Clyde Guevara and DJ Drama is now available. This is the single called “Old me”. In the music video for the track directed by Capricorn Clark and Midlo, Guevara is seen rapping about her life and education in New York City. This title will appear on 486 Columbia St., a collaborative project between the two artists.

486 Columbia St. will be Clyde Guevara’s first project since his debut album FreeJAH, which was acclaimed by NPR, Pigeons & Planes, Vice, Billboard and many more. 486 Columbia St. refers to the address of Clyde’s Red Hook Housing Projects. 

It is a place that shaped him but also where his brother was tragically shot in 2016, a month after being released from prison. He had just served a five-year sentence. The FreeJAH album was dedicated to this late brother. 

In an interview with Complex before the release of this album, Guevara said, “Before he passed away, JAH told me that if I didn’t make it out of the hood, he wouldn’t be shit. This conversation still hurts and haunts me. I promised him that would not happen. I kept my word. “.

Since the death of his brother, Clyde has lived in Los Angeles. Under the guidance of GRAMMY Award-winning songwriter Harold Lilly, Guevara has spent the past three years writing songs that showcase his talent. This allowed him to sign with the Republic Records label .

The exit of 486 Columbia St. is scheduled for February 4th.

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