Coi Leray announces that his album is finished

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24-year-old rapper Coi Leray has done wonders with her music that is gaining traction. It is in the top 10 of the most listened to music on TikTok. However, the young star does not intend to limit himself to this platform. She is preparing the release of her new album very soon.

Coi’s debut album is on its way

Coi Leray exploded in 2021 in a sensational fashion. It seemed like every single she released became a hit, whether it was ”  No more parties  ” with Lil Durk, ”  BIG PURR  ” with Pooh Shiesty or “TWINNEM” with Dababy.

The majority of these leads have reached a level of notoriety thanks to their deployment on TikTok. In fact, on TikTok’s Top 10 American Songs list for 2021, Coi’s “  TWINNEM  ” landed at number 5. However, Coi likes to see herself as an artist beyond TikTok’s reach .

When claims that she was just a ‘  TikTok artist  ‘ first came out, she turned to twitter to crack down on her takes: ‘  Call me a tik tok artist, but just to let you know. . When an artist drops music, it’s also uploaded to TikTok. Whether they chose to promote and have fun with the record, it’s up to them… but I have a family to support, I have mine anyway  ”.

Coi Leray wants to exceed his status as a TikTok artist at all costs

Coi is trying to overtake artist label TikTok. His first album would soon be released. She has indeed worked on it for most of the second half of 2021. However, she experienced delays as her record company felt it was not yet ready.

Later, following a fan’s request, she explained why the album hadn’t been released yet: “No, I’m sorry. I feel like I’m ready for an album, but my label doesn’t think so. So I’m just going with the flow. I hate the current.  “

Moreover, after meeting Justin Bieber in the studio and after releasing some unreleased music samples, it looks like the album is soon on the way. To this end, Coi just posted a photo of his songlist for the project. A list that also contains songs that she said was ready to give up: “  My album is finished. Enjoy your holidays.  “

For now, there is currently no cover or release date for Coi Leray’s album . In contrast, fans are hoping she can get it out very soon.

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