Coi Leray says she is “tired” of the obstacles to her career: “This industry is sad”

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If on social networks, she prided herself on being a “Big Trend Setter”,  Coi Leray is frustrated by people who steal her ideas. On November 16, Leray teased the music for her long-awaited debut album, but today she returned to say that she is exhausted from what she’s enduring in the industry.

“I’m tired of thinking about everyone! I’m tired of people taking credit for my ideas, ” she wrote. “Tired of being manipulated. Tired of fighting for my life. Tired of peoples opinions, I’m tired of people holding shit against me, I’m tired of people looking for sympathy when they just aren’t doing the job, so they find reasons to make you feel bad: Damn c ‘is sad. This industry is sad. ”

While the details of these various pitfalls are unclear, Leray clearly faces obstacles that have knocked her out, and called the whole ordeal  ‘tiring’:  ‘Any label would like to have an artist like this. me, ”Leray said. ” It’s sad. Sad. It really is a mental sacrifice. “

The rapper’s career is on an upward slope with hits like No More Parties and her recent viral hit , Twinnem . The latter was remixed with help from DaBaby and even though people call the title a mere TikTok song, Leray welcomes the success with open arms. 

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