Coi Leray twerks on video after “thickening up” while on vacation

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The year 2021 has been very productive for Coi Leray who has ranked among the new talents of Hip-Hop and among the celebrities with exceptional dress style. It is therefore with good reason that she took a few days of vacation with her boyfriend Beau Pressa under the waterfalls. The singer tells her fans that she has gained weight lately and she shows it through a video in which she wiggles her buttocks.

Coi Leray shows his thickening through a twerk

Coi is currently relaxing in the company of his boyfriend, Toronto rapper Beau Pressa. The lovebirds have chosen a tropical destination to end the year in style and the young singer must have eaten well during the trip, since she is thicker . According to her last post on TikTok, she has gained weight in recent weeks.

Coi wanted to show her community what she meant by “fat” by filming a quick video of herself tweaking . You could see her jiggle sensually to the track “Drop” by Timbaland and Magoo.

In the video, Coi emphasizes the wagging of his behind , showing where the holiday weight has gone and celebrating his updated new look. While she says she “  got a little thicker,  ” a lot of her fans say she doesn’t look too different and ask her not to worry too much.

Coi Leray no longer takes comments about his physique into account

All the talent that Coi Leray possesses has not spared him derogatory comments from internet users. She has recently taken a stand against those who make fun of her body on the internet by urging her fans to stop judging others by their appearance in the New Year.

With such notoriety following the viral success of several of her songs , including “No More Parties”, “Big Purr”, “Twinnem”, and many others, reviews have reached an all-time high for this artist . Fortunately, the 24-year-old from New Jersey has decided not to be intimidated by these remarks anymore and advocates accepting other people’s bodies as they are.

This video of her in undress is a strong message to her detractors.

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