Curren $ y launches his last album of the year: “Pilot Talk 4” feat Jay Electronica

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Although he has served his fans extensively this year, for Curren $ y, a gift to end the year with good vibes would not be refused. He has just released a new album in collaboration with Jay Electronica.

Eighth Curren $ y project in 2021: the album “Pilot Talk 4” feat Jay Electronica

Curren $ has furnished it wonderfully this year with seven releases, both albums and mixtapes. But for the past few hours, we’ve been talking about eight since a new album has just been added to the list. 

Prior to the latter, Curren $ released the following solo albums, respectively: Collection Agency in February and Still Stoned on Ocean last October. Then, it counts common albums such as Welcome to Jet Life Recordings 2 in feat with Jet Life (June); Highest in Charge with Trauma Tone (August), Matching Rolexes with Kino Beats (September); Regatta with Harry Fraud (October) and an EP titled Land Air Sea (November) featuring Cash Fargo).

Remember that “Pilot Talk 4” feat Jay Electronica is the continuation of a long project dating back several years. Curren $ successively released “Pilot Talk 1”, “Pilot Talk 2”, “Pilot Talk 3” in July 2010, November 2010 and April 2015 respectively. 

Thus, this new album is also his eighth 2021 project which ends the year with 10 songs. A real feat for Curren $ y. And his fans, who are very happy to welcome this project, never stop applauding the singer.

“I can’t even get out of the car…. I’m sitting here reading tweets about how you all think about the album. I’m so glad you all appreciate it. Curren $ y said following comments from his subscribers.

As for the “Half Moon Bay” project with Alchemist scheduled for this year, fans will have to wait until 2022 to savor it. 

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