Curry shared an unreleased audio of his previous episode of “5 Minutes From Home” with the late Nipsey Hussle

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Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap album became, years after its release, a modern rap classic. Especially on the west coast. During the 2018 Golden State Warriors Championship, living NBA legend Stephen Curry sat down with the Crenshaw rapper for his YouTube series “5 Minutes From Home” to discuss his flagship album. Throughout the conversation, Nipsey Hussle let out pearls (as he’s used to) and left fans eager to hear more about the meaningful conversation between him and Curry.

A podcast that immortalizes the deceased singer forever

With the recent launch of Curry’s new 15 Minutes From Home podcast on Audible , the NBA star made possible the dream of anyone who all wanted to know about what Nipsey Hussle said on his way there. Indeed, today, more than three years after the 5 Minutes From Home episode aired, Curry blessed his collective fanbase and that of Hussle with an extended version of the interview that included a conversation about Victory Lap, and rapper “Blue Laces 2” explanation of why he picked up a mic in the first place .

Explaining that he grew up in a good family, Hussle said: “ His latest album is the culmination of a career that has seen its ups and downs. “I’m sure in your own way you can relate to basketball, without being a professional, just being a young kid with a dream and being someone with a passion for the game and then watching where you are now, ”Hussle told Curry.

Always with a view to making himself better understood by Curry and potential future listeners, the late rapper continued his argument by saying: “ I wanted to be a rapper. I wanted to express myself on a platform. And the whole process to get there, it wasn’t a straight line. There have been ups and downs and setbacks. I guess as an athlete you’re dealing with injuries, politics in sport, but when you get to where you’re going and take a moment to step back, that’s what I consider [ Victory Lap]. The reflection “.

Dave East buys his first store and thanks Nipsey Hussle for his inspiration

Dave East’s biggest inspiration has always been Nipsey Hussle. One of Nipsey’s biggest accomplishments in his life, and sadly the place he was murdered, was his Marathon clothing store in his hometown of Los Angeles .

Influenced by this entrepreneurial spirit, East decided he wanted to own a store himself. On Tuesday, November 30, Dave announced that he had purchased his first store in his hometown of Harlem. The New York rapper thanked his realtor and Nipsey for their help and motivation to secure the store: “  I bought my first store today. I told Nipsey that he created the template for real stores all over the world. I wish Shooter could see this shit. Soon 2022. I couldn’t have done it without @queenofharlem The Realest !!! “.

While photos Dave took in the store show the establishment may need some cosmetic work, he said it will open in 2022. East smiled as he held the keys to the store, as he adds a facet of commerce to his busy life as a leading hip-hop artist.

The author of ”  Make some money  ” has had a close relationship with Nipsey Hussle . He also has a large Nip tattoo on his back in his honor. The duo actually had a collaborative album in the works before the rapper was fatally shot in the summer of 2019. Brewster Jr had been considering releasing the joint project for a while, but ultimately decided against it. However, now the store Dave is going to operate can help preserve the spirit of Nipsey Hussle , helping to support communities in their respective hometowns.

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