DaBaby: adorable photos of her daughter shared by DaniLeigh

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On Thanksgiving Day, everyone expresses gratitude for something, a situation, or a person in their life. DaBaby’s almost ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh shares with her Instagram fans what she’s grateful for this year.

DaniLeigh thanks for the existence of her daughter

Singer DaniLeigh had announced her withdrawal from social media for some time, but she found it appropriate to return to share the object of her gratitude with her fans. Indeed, she posted adorable photos of her daughter conceived with rapper DaBaby . A violent altercation had also occurred between the two parents a few days earlier. This does not prevent the young woman from being grateful for all the good things that have happened in her life over the past year.

The main one is that she became a mother for the first time in her life by giving birth to her adorable daughter. The caption “Thankful” which translates to “Grateful” followed by a white heart accompanied beautiful photos of her 3 month old baby girl. Remember that this is the first time that the singer has so clearly displayed her baby . Her fans were able to gaze at the cute, smiling face of the cute little girl who displayed an obvious cheerful expression.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby: is this the end of the couple?

This year, DaniLeigh has not experienced episodes of pure happiness. There were also moments of sadness after disagreements with her partner . Apparently, the rapper is determined to get the young woman out of his life since he kicked her out of his home with their daughter and this for no apparent reason. Plus, he filmed the entire argument live on Instagram leaving followers to revel in the spat.

It is also thanks to the clumsiness of DaBaby that the face of the child was revealed to the public, while his mother strove to keep it hidden. By doing this, the rapper not only hurt the woman emotionally, but it also impacted her relationship with her fans. In fact, DaniLeigh’s followers almost turned on her after the rapper called the police and was accused of simple assault.

Fortunately, fans were able to analyze the situation and gave their support to the young woman who appeared in obvious distress. If DaBaby plans to take DaniLeigh out of her life this way, it will be difficult to achieve. In reality, a child is a bond that cannot be broken, which remains forever and which unites for the whole of life, whether we like it or not.

DaBaby for her part celebrated Thanksgiving in her own way by making donations as usual. This year, he gave 100 gift cards to 100 families in Charlotte at Walmart, a donation worth a total of $ 10,000.

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