DaBaby goes wild and kicks off mother of daughter DaniLeigh in heated live altercation

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DaBaby is clearly determined to put a stop to her adventure with   DaniLeigh. The rapper takes the mother of her child out of her house before calling the cops in a hot brawl filmed live on twitter.

DaBaby and DaniLeighi, a relationship on the brink

The relationship between DaBaby and DaniLeigh is no longer in good shape . The rapper filmed part of a fight between him and singer DaniLeigh, with whom he has shared a daughter for a few months . Indeed, DaBaby broadcast live a series of brawls with DaniLeigh as she bottle-fed their daughter in bed.

In the video that has gone viral on the web, it is a mad with rage DaniLeigh who was seen pushing the camera with which DaBaby was recording the whole scene. After realizing her ex wasn’t going to stop filming, she put on a pillow to hide her face as she still held her baby in her arms.

Throughout the evening, the two sides could be heard yelling at each other on Instagram Live, and at one point they even verbally attacked each other as Dani attempted to bottle-feed her child. “I would like to quickly withdraw from any ‘hostile’ behavior displayed a few moments ago,” the 29-year-old wrote on his Instagram story .

“This thing here has gone far enough that Shawty collapses on her own and it saddens me because I still have a queen to raise.” The last hour was documented for my safety and my business was done on the basis of my reputation… Me and someone else here knew to record it. I got beaten up and yelled at and chased like one of those fatal love attraction type cities. But I knew I had to stay the course, ”he said.

In a second live video, the police can be seen disembarking. ” Where is he ? He wants to call the fucking cops on me for whatever reason, ”she fumed. She continues to swear words and refuses to talk to the cops. “You can talk to him because he wanted to call you guys,” she said to the officer. After a slight return to calm, DaniLeigh stepped up to try and explain her side of the story to her fans. In tears, the singer addressed the vicissitudes of her relationship with DaBaby.

DaniLeigh expresses her fed up with fans

“  It’s just fucked up, ” she said, through tears. “Out of nowhere, my brother. Out of nowhere. I try so hard to just… I tried to make this relationship shit work. I tried for my baby. But that’s not the best situation at all, my brother. I deserve so much better. I really do. So I hope, my God please, I pray this will be the last situation because I’m sick of it. Each time I come back to it. I love this man, but that’s not it. No matter how much you love someone, if it’s not right, it will never be right. You can’t force someone to be ready for something they’ll never be ready for,  ”she said with a shaky voice.


Must remember, DaBaby and  the  singer  American  DaniLeigh awakened suspicions surrounding their romance for the first time in March 2020 after the rapper has appeared in his music video for their collaboration “Levi High”. However, the two didn’t make their relationship official on Instagram until Saturday, December 5.

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