Dababy helps 100 families by donating Thanksgiving meals in Charlotte

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Dababy, treated as a bad father by Danileigh played the worried father of a family this Monday, November 22 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He gave 100 families dinner for Thanksgiving.
Dababy has been at the heart of the news for a few months. From the Rolling Loud Miami controversy to his lockdown on all major stages, the rapper has hit rock bottom. He seemed to recover when he benefited from the forgiveness of some LGBTQ organizations synonymous with his return on the stages including that of Rolling Loud New York with the first evening with Guest  50 Cent. But, it was only the calm before the storm since his small family is dislocated following a quarrel between him and his partner DaniLeigh. This last file made a lot of noise causing Dababy to fall back into the awkward position of the target.

A charming operation that was needed

Dababy took pleasure in being appreciated by the public, but his last quirks made him relive old memories. To heal his image, he thought about a good charm operation and the context was made easier for him by the calendar.
Thursday, November 25 is the fourth of November. It represents in the United States the day of celebration of Thanksgiving. For this year, Dababy has decided to please families by offering Thanksgiving dinner to 100 households.
Without much fuss, he announced his act of donation this Monday morning very early on Instagram by inviting the population of his native Charlotte to make the trip to a local walmart the same day at 3 p.m. for the distribution of 100 gift cards for help cover the cost of Thanksgiving dinner. He posted a photo of his hand full of banknotes with the message, ” Pay for Thanksgiving dinner for 100 families when I get back to Charlotte.” WALMART (N. TRYON) at 3:00 PM Tell anyone who needs help to meet me there. “.

A successful popularity test

Dababy’s Thanksgiving Giveaway event did start at 3pm at the location indicated. Coming aboard a bright green Lamborghini, Dababy struggled to find his way. The mad world of curious fans chanting the names of their heroes was hard to contain. As for his operation, it did not last too long as more families waited in the hopes of having their share of the good generosity of the son of the city as well. According to Charlotte’s WBTV, this operation would have cost 10,000 dollars to the artist who claimed an imminent sequel to satisfy the other families on hold. “ FOR ALL FAMILIES, WE CANNOT STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS, ” he wrote on his Instagram after the event.

Confident for the rest of the way

Convinced that he is always in people’s hearts,  Dababy  can resume his latest 6-track project called Back On My Baby Jesus Sh! T Again EP, released on November 12. This project will serve as his passport to the many dates of scenes pending for the rapper.
Already, he will be on the Florida side this Thanksgiving Thursday at the Ivy Club in West Palm Beach before kicking off his Live Show Killa tour in Chicago on Friday, November 26. Until February 6, 2022, Dababy will be on several Rolling Loud stages in cities such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Boston and Detroit before his term in Los Angeles.

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