DaBaby: the public throws bottles at him during a concert

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The rapper gets booed.

DaBaby therefore returned to the Rolling Loud festival, this time organized in California, a few months after creating the scandal at the Miami edition. A comeback little appreciated, having earned him boos from the public, and more.

DaBaby gets put in her place

Last July, DaBaby got completely out of control during her time at Rolling Loud Miami, slipping a comment that gave her many problems afterwards: “If you haven’t come here today with HIV, AIDS or one of the of those deadly sexually transmitted diseases that make you die in two or three weeks, so light your lighter. […] Guys, if you don’t suck cocks in the parking lot, light your lighter. “

His return to Rolling Loud, this time organized in California, obviously did not go in the best way. During his concert given last Sunday, the rapper from Charlotte will have received many objects from the public . Bottles of water and drinks will have flown in his direction, but Baby hasn’t picked up or made any comment. Still, the reasons for the crowd’s anger have not been explained. XXL, on the other hand, believes the public reaction was also motivated by the fact that DaBaby replaced Future at the last minute on stage, when the interpreter of Mask Off was expected with firm footing.

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