DaBaby’s Las Vegas assault and battery case officially closed

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There are a lot of rappers who call themselves “Baby” right now, but none of them manage to have as much of an impact as DaBaby. The 29-year-old artist has only been rapping since 2014, and yet he has already garnered a large fan base and has seen his name make the headlines countless times. In recent weeks, he has been in the spotlight on social media after being mentioned in an assault and battery case that was recently officially closed.

Dark page closes for DaBaby

Good news for DaBaby, the 29-year-old rapper’s petty crime charge following an alleged brawl in Las Vegas has officially been dropped. Online files reveal the case ”  has been dismissed with prejudice ” meaning it is over and cannot be reintroduced in the future.

Indeed, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office informed the media that the charges were dropped ”  because DaBaby has complied with whatever prosecutors asked him to do to resolve the case .” This includes the payment by the artist of “VIBEZ” of 7,500 dollars to the alleged victim , and his staying out of the problems.

As a reminder, TMZ revealed the story over a year ago, when a Vegas driver showed up with allegations that the father of four attacked him while on a commute in November 2020. To Following the accusations, the DaBaby team reacted, calling them a “money-taking”, and his lawyers, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld , revealed they were fully ”  ready to fight the case in court. . “

Now that the case is behind him, the artist will no longer have to worry about the accusations raising new issues. However, it can’t be said that the other situations the “Suge” singer has been involved in lately will go away so easily. In case you missed it, the Ohio star had a public argument with DaniLeigh, the mother of her youngest child, who has continued to make the headlines for some time now.


DaBaby and Meme spent Thanksgiving together after DaniLeigh scandal

The brawl DaBaby and DaniLeigh had on Instagram will not be forgotten by the world anytime soon, even though the co-parents seem to be doing their best to turn the page. Instagram footage of the ” Ball If I Want To  ” singer  shows him relaxing under a palm tree, chatting with his followers about eating stingrays. According to rumors that followed, the rapper was not alone at the time of the live. Many claim on the web that the 29-year-old hitmaker was with the mother of his first baby, Meme.

It’s shared on Insta, a comparative video of the singer’s story alongside that of Meme, which also has the same beautiful palm trees in the background. ”  A place for a playa, ” she captioned a video of her munching on something while wearing oversized sunglasses and listening to ”  Super High  ” by Rick Ross, featuring Ne-Yo. Meme and DaBaby may not have actually posted any content together, but internet sleuths may have made the connection and realize that they were vacationing together in Florida.

As a reminder, the 29-year-old recently hosted an album launch party in West Palm Beach for his latest project, Back On My Baby Jesus Sh! T AGAIN . He showed off the highlights of the evening through a series of photos and videos, captioned ”  raise your hand if you were drunk before the photos.” Too sexy not to show them to you #HappyThanksGiving “.

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