DaBaby’s Manager Reveals The Idea Of Wearing A Diaper At SXSW 2017 Came From The Rapper

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A stunning video of DaBaby had surfaced online showing the rapper at the 2017 SXSW festival held in Austin, Texas in a diaper, with a towel over his head and a new pair of Jordans. The video had the effect of a spangled earthquake and sparked an avalanche of reactions on the web. However, almost 5 years after this delirium, the artistic director of the rapper returns to this unforgettable moment and gives interesting details .

An original idea by DaBaby

DaBaby has been on a roll in the hip-hop scene for a while now, mostly thanks to the crazy ideas he’s been developing to get his fans’ attention . He’s buzzing in the Carolinas and that’s what has earned him inescapable notoriety in hip hop . The rapper also sometimes sports wild marketing tactics even when his collaborators disagree or disagree. In a recent media outing, DaBaby’s manager claimed he was originally against DaBaby’s idea of ​​rocking a diaper at SXSW in 2017.

Indeed, King Carter, revealed that it was the Blame It on Baby rapper’s idea to rock a diaper at SXSW in 2017. Before he was known as DaBaby, the rapper went by the nickname Baby. Jesus, but the diaper incident helped him change his name.

“  When I met John, he was the Christ Child. So the whole thing wearing a diaper was to help him pass the DaBaby name ,” Carter told DJ Vlad in a new interview Wednesday. ”  Nigger’s little genius. ” It was all him. It was he who had the idea dababy diaper. »


The idea of ​​DaBaby poorly appreciated by his manager

Carter added that he initially protested the idea, feeling it wouldn’t warrant the “kind of attention” they were seeking. After DaBaby rocked the diaper at SXSW, his manager admitted he was grossly wrong.

As for DaBaby’s own explanation for the decision, he said during his appearance on Breakfast Club in 2019 that it was a display of marketing genius . He noted that he simply tweaked this “premeditated” marketing plan to get people talking. He brought up Tekashi 6ix9ine, saying his rainbow hair made heads spin when he blasted his attempt to recreate that kind of influenceDaBaby is a funny guy, who clearly goes deep in his creativity and his many outings reflect that.

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