DaniLeigh commented on Tiffany Haddish’s post about her desire to have a “safe” man in her life.

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Officially single since her split from Common, Tiffany  Haddish  has spoken openly about what she hopes to find in her next relationship. It was through a post on Twitter that the famous comedian shared with her followers that her ideal partner should be someone with whom she can  “feel safe .” This message received the reaction of many people including rapper DaniLeigh.

DaniLeigh reacts to Haddish’s Tweet

”  Tell me if you discover @tiffanyhaddish  lol  ” wrote the American rapper in comment to the post of the comedian. Right after sharing this screenshot on her Instagram page, the rest of DaniLeigh’s story is full of cute memories with DaBaby’s baby girl . She also shared a screenshot of a FaceTime call with what appears to be her family.

For information, Tiffany Haddish initially expressed her desire to have an ideal guy in her life through a twet ” I want a man in my life with whom I can share my success, my joy, my body and all that while I feel safe with him, and he feels the same with me. Does anyone know how to make this happen?  “Asks the 42-year-old woman at the start of the week. Following this tweet, countless other people didn’t get any useful advice but bought into Haddish’s post, most notably the “Cravin ‘” rapper and mother of DaBaby’s youngest child DaniLeigh. The latter left in her commentary shadows on the situation she is living with the father of her child.

Recall that just a few weeks ago, Dani and Dababy had an explosive feud that continued to make the headlines. Indeed, the latter began to broadcast live a dispute between the co-parents . At the time, the North Carolina-based artist called her baby’s mom a ”  service slut  ” before publicly embarrassing her with further comments.

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