DaniLeigh is in the studio and fans want content on DaBaby

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The singer revealed that she is in the studio preparing an opus in the restitutive of her heartache.

DaniLeigh experienced the public breakdown of her relationship with DaBaby . Although the couple touted their romance and DaBaby was even side by side with her in one of his music videos, he later treated her disrespectfully as a “side b * tch” that he never did. been as a couple. At the turn of these twists and turns, Danileigh enters a new season now that she seems to have officially severed all romantic ties with the father of her child. 

Artists usually express their feelings on their songs and DaniLeigh fans are waiting for what she has prepared. 

Summer Walker took her drama with London On Da Track and turned it into a top notch record and it looks like DaniLeigh is hoping to do the same.

Last month, the R&B Tank veteran advised DaniLeigh to keep all her emotion for her music, not social media. Following her advice, the Def Jam singer shared several images of herself recording and in one she drew a sad face with tears on her leg. ”  Someeee coming 🙏🙏”, she wrote in the caption of her photo. 

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