DaniLeigh sends pikes to DaBaby under a photo of their daughter

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The feud between DaBaby and DaniLeigh, the mother of her daughter, is one of the subjects that greatly rocked the web during this year. And it seems far from over. DaniLeigh recently posted pictures of their daughter with messages that appear to be directed at DaBaby. Internet users did not fail to react to this act.

DaniLeigh shares photos of daughter and subtly tries to attack DaBaby

DaniLeigh seems to be recovering from her tumultuous year between the birth of her first daughter and the drama ensued. As a reminder, rapper DaBaby, the father of Dani’s child, kicked the singer out of his house a few weeks ago and the scene was filmed on Instagram Live. Which created enough turmoil. 

As everything seemed to be settling down about them, Dani recently shared adorable photos of her baby girl and in the last photo she posted on Instagram, she added a suspicious caption. The message appears to be addressed to his daughter’s father.

“Today,” she wrote with a white heart emoji as she shared photos of her daughter on a doctor’s appointment. She then added: “I’m all alone but it’s good because I love your love, baby girl”.

An act that many obviously did not appreciate. Some of the comments on The Neighborhood Talk post about it accuse DaniLeigh of wanting to draw attention to being a single mom. For some, DaBaby didn’t need to be around for a routine doctor’s appointment, but that if he wanted to be involved in her child’s life and take responsibility after getting Dani pregnant, he did. would have been there.

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