DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills wants to fight Dababy

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Dababy received a fight invitation from Brandon Bills, his partner’s brother and now single mother DaniLeigh.

The tea towel burns seriously between  Dababy and DaniLeigh . The new single mother is accused of simple assaults following the hot confusion in the residence where the two celebrities live, parents since last month. On Instagram, the two exchanged soft words. DaniLeigh blames Dababy for her absence during the pregnancy and also blames her for having evicted her from her home. The “ROCKSTAR” rapper just treated Dani like a ” side slut .”
Despite these heated exchanges, Dababy wanted to be soothing and reassuring by posting a message yesterday on Instagram which testifies to his desire to suspend the police procedure. “I don’t want us to file a complaint or anything, I just want it to be peacefully withdrawn, which they have to hurry to do as we speak,  ” he wrote. to chase. I don’t even want this behavior exhibited, but it’s okay, it’ll be okay too, it’s okay . “

All for one, one for all

Although he expressed his intention of an amicable settlement,  Dababy  fell in love with his brother-in-law Brandon Bills. DaniLeigh’s brother did not appreciate the call to the police made by Dababy. “ This is crazy. That n * gga wanna call the cops for my sister. This n * gga wants to disrespect my sister online or the whole world, disrespect my family, ”Brandon said.
Brandon, very upbeat, took the matter so personally that he wanted to do his sister justice in his own way. “I say it. It doesn’t even have anything to do with my sister, my brother anymore. It has to do with you and me. You understand me ? Because you, Mr. Tough Guy, are out there hitting bitches, knocking out little guys here and there, you know what I mean? You’re not gonna do this to me, first . Added Brandon, who wants to challenge a man he knows to be very violent and with an easy punch.

Right time and place

If Brandon showed his willingness to do battle with  Dababy , he also took care to put the ball back in Dababy’s court. The holding of the face-to-face now depends on the rapper since his ” brother-in-law ” has already given him the invitation. ” So here’s what we’re going to do, my brother.” I am in the hospital at the moment. I had a car accident. My neck is stewed. I’m still going to kick your ass with my neck like that. On God, ”he began by saying to provoke the rapper’s ego even more. For the date, he leaves that to Dababy’s discretion saying: “When you come to the west coast, and I know you’ll be there, you’ll see this face to face … To see what’s going on between you and me. I want to see how much of a gangster you are. How much of a real man you are. We can do that.  “

A challenge that makes the web laugh

Brandon Bills is now well known for his challenge to Dababy, but also for calling Dababy an “ Internet gangster  ”. His statements are the cabbage of many celebrities who did not fail to say what he thought of the face-to-face. One comment read : “ DaniLeigh’s brother is going to be beaten. Speaking of all this shit, dababy is going to kick his ass!  “. Another quipped, saying,  “Danileigh’s brother made inquiries, but I don’t think he knows what happened to the last security guard . “.

Will Dababy give in to provocation?

It’s possible that Dababy decides to settle scores with Brandon not because of the marital dispute, but because of a history Brandon seems to forget by playing a close-knit family member today. DaBaby accused the family of disowning their daughter with DaniLeigh and said Brandon has yet to even meet the baby.

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