Death of American rapper Young Dolph: “Black men deserve to age” pleads Mia Jaye, wife of the deceased

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The shooting death of Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr. aka Young Dolph comes another tragically sad day in hip-hop history. This news continues to plunge the whole world, especially Memphis, into sadness. Following the death, many people realize the importance of the campaign “Black men deserve to age” led by Mia Jaye, wife of the rapper.

Mia Jaye, a proud defender of black men

A few weeks before her husband’s death, Mia Jaye, mother of Young Dolph’s children, regularly defended the idea that “black men deserve to grow old.” “ For this purpose, CEO of the brand of clothing and Momeo Podcast has often advocated that black men live a long and fulfilling life. 

To achieve this, she printed through her clothing line t-shirts on which we could read ”  Black men deserve to grow old “. If people still doubted these actions, more than ever this statement rings this week more than ever, as Dolph, one of his city’s most respected voices, was killed on Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

 ”  Whether I talk about it or post it every day … The fact remains, that I always work on the bottom to find partner organizations & people who believe in this cause to help me elevate the mission “, a Mia Jaye said a few weeks ago on Instagram. “ I’m still championing this cause and my goal EVER is to see more older black men like this handsome guy here!” Defended wife Young Dolph.

As a reminder, shot in cold blood, the father of Mia Jaye’s two children, Young Dolph  was visibly having cookies at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies in Memphis, and was waiting inside the store when someone arrived. in the car and shot through the window. Dolph’s car, a camouflaged Corvette , was at the scene in the parking lot. Police investigations are still ongoing. After the news spread, fans took to her partner, Mia Jaye’s page on social media to send her their love and condolences as she faced this horrific situation.



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