Dee Watkins reveals the contents of her bag with jewelry on In My Bag

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Dee Watkins was on the In My Bag show . Her bag contained many items including Johnny Dang’s flashy jewelry.

In My Bag hosted for this month’s issue, Florida rapper Dee Watkins. It comes after the Canadian rapper Jazz Cartier who was the guest the previous month. In a context where the Toronto rapper caused a sensation by taking an electronic drill out of his bag, Dee Watkins appeared serene and simple while sitting on the bench serving as the seat for the unfolding of the show. Indeed, his bag contained everyday objects with a few more personal items.

A Gucci bag ultimately not really at great value

Before revealing the contents of his bag, Dee Watkins lingered a little on the container of his articles. He tried to highlight his Gucci bag in yellow color and branded Gucci. He did not fail to justify that his use of the bag is far more important than the value of the bag itself, which is estimated at around $ 2,000. ”  I think that bag was, like, two bands?” When I got a bag, I made sure I had a good bag because I don’t buy a lot and use them a lot,  ”the rapper explained before concluding:“  So I drop a bag on a bag ! “

Everything to not get bored

The first item Dee Watkins takes out of her bag is an iPhone charger with a cable length of around 2 meters. He did not hesitate to admire the length of the cable. He must keep his battery at full power!

The second article is not from the electronic field but rather from lingerie. He takes out a white linen roller with a green handle. Watkins loves to stay fresh and clean !!!

For her third featured article, Dee mixed class and humanism. ”  You know I have to keep the ice on me,  ” he said, pulling out a pendant with his cousin’s picture on it. He states that the pendant is a masterpiece by Johnny Dang, the famous Vietnamese jeweler based in Houston.

The following article, which is also a jewel to put on the neck, confirms to us that Dee Watkins has a love for this kind of article and that he is a loyal customer of Johnny Dang and Co. It will complete the bling shutter bling by his watch which he passes from one hand to another before putting it on the wrist where he was.

Dee Watkins loves the Polo and Versace brand

We would have thought we had left the lingerie, but the rapper plunges us back into it, taking out of his bag a pack of spare Polo branded underwear. He justifies this presence by the possibility of changing himself.

To always keep the scent right, Watkins uses Versace brand cologne. The rapper has really good taste. This is also evidenced by his simple dress but well harmonized with the colors yellow, white and black which can be admired from his cap to his T-shirt without forgetting his tracksuit.

Dee Watkins doesn’t mix everything up

He found two cell phones since time did not allow him to search for the third. He emphasized that each of the phones had a story. He therefore did not allow himself an ugly luxury. He has notified that he has a phone for his personal business and then another for business. Everything therefore has its place in the rapper who projects the image of an organized man. Recall that the rapper released in November his last project completing the trilogy with Problem Child 3.

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