DeJ Loaf wants to stop his musical career

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This may be the end of rapper Dej Loaf’s career. She announced it in a chat with her fans.

The music industry is filled with timeless artists and others who just come for a short stint. In any case, music does not offer everyone the possibility of exercising for life. Thus certain artists, at certain times, threatened by the new generation wonder if the musical career deserves to be pursued. Faced with this question, some opt for retirement. Others still undecided also take this option but end up making a Comeback. It is as in France the case of rapper Kery James . On the other hand, there are some who really retire and retrain altogether far from the musical world. As an example we have Lil Troywho even risked his life in a fire with his truck the past week. Finally we have the toughest who try to continue the adventure regardless of age. This is how we have Missy Eliot who, after much hesitation, finally decided to release her new project which she completed with Timberland.

DeJ Loaf at the crossroads of decision-making

The 30-year-old rapper is also under the pressure of decision-making. The one we have known with his songs “No Fear”, “Back Up” with Big Sean and “Me U & Hennessy” with Lil Wayne warns about the possibility of retiring in music. 

Before leaving, she hesitates between releasing a last track or stopping at the previous ones.

Fans urged the artist to release one final track as she recently mentioned. “  You should drop that song you were holding,  ” they asked.

The response of one of the most influential female voices of the past decade is a testament to her desire to truly end her successful career. “  Probably never let go of music again,” DeJ Loaf replied. She sounds the death knell and discourages all her fans who will surely be missed. Hoping for an about-face on his part, we wish him every success in the continuation of his adventure on earth. Who knows ? Maybe it is a decision motivated by his small family.

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