Dinosaurs to sleeping bags: Kanye West is ridiculed for new shoes

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It’s that time again: a new Yeezy design sees the light of day. Kanye West – now only known under the name Ye – divides the opinions of fans, fashionistas and co. With the designs of his own shoe line again and again. However, positive feedback is rarely encountered. Even with the design of the new YZY NSLTD BT, applause and cheers can be heard rather quietly. The cryptic letter combination of the experimental footwear stands for “Yeezy Insulated Boot” (in English: “Insulated Boot”) and is supposed to keep your feet warm in the coming winter months.

The design of the new YZY NSLTD BT

Yesterday they were announced on all social media accounts and on the Yeezy Mafia website: The new YZY NSLTD BT. The look of the boot plus the price information were also made available to the public in the course of this. Accordingly, the boots should cost a good 250 US dollars – provided you can get hold of them on the official website immediately after dropping them. The reselling prices will likely skyrocket the value of the shoe model within a very short time.

The winter boot appears in a simple khaki colorway. The Yeezy Mafia website also announced that the Insulated Boots will be available during November. It also states that the design is quite experimental, even by Yeezy standards:

“The boots deviate massively from the typical style conventions that are used in other Yeezy boots, which have a much more practical and mobilized appearance compared to this silhouette.”

The boots would therefore also do without laces. Instead, they rely entirely on Velcro.

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