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Chance The Rapper has teamed up with soul singer Dionne Warwick for a new song, titled Nothing’s Impossible. The duo released the track on Thursday, November 25, via Kind Music Group.

From Twitter to real life 

The relationship between Warwick and Chance dates back to December 5, 2020, when the then 78-year-old tweeted the rapper and asked how he got to know his name: “  Hi @chancetherapper,” she began. ”  If you are very obviously a rapper, why did you specify it in your stage name? I can’t stop thinking about this ”.

Later that month, Chance appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and discussed the interaction.

“  She yelled at me on Twitter, and I panicked for a while, and contacted her back, and then she started contacting me in real life,” Chance explained. “It was a bit hazy. I feel like I’ve tasted real glory for the first time. ”  Then, almost a full year later, Warwick on Twitter, revealed that the two had finished working on Nothing’s impossible and they would use the proceeds to raise money for two causes close to their heart.

“  I am so excited. Yes I am. The wait is over, ” she told the camera, a smile on her face. “  Finally, after a year, the duet I did with Chance The Rapper is finally out. Nothing’s Impossible. “

I must tell you that I am very excited »

Nothing’s Impossible addresses the themes of strength and perseverance. The track begins with a soulful and catchy voice from Warwick, before Chance matches his energy with a soft and silky verse. The two singers sing in the chorus, ”  Nothing is impossible if you believe in it / Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals / Dreams are eternal, yes they are”. Chance then adds lines such as ”  The things that take the longest really take the loudest,” throughout her verse before joining Warwick and a full choir for the final section of the track.

Nothing’s Impossible will be donated to Social Works, the nonprofit founded by Chance to empower young people in Chicago to take action through the arts, and to Hunger: Not Impossible, a nonprofit that provides families with prepaid, nutritious and take-out meals from local restaurants.

Dionne Warwick’s new Twitter presence earns her some young fans

After tweeting that she wanted Teyana Taylor to portray her in a biopic, the legendary singer confirmed that the collaboration is underway. “ This will be a series, we intend to do an episodic type show,” she announced in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “ Teyana] is certainly a talented young woman that I have had the pleasure of working with. In fact, we had a conversation last night on the phone. She’s very excited to be involved and she will also be very, very involved in making and setting up the parts and plots the way we see it. ”

“Netflix is ​​one of the places I have considered doing this,” she explains. “ It’s not the only place we’re looking at, but Netflix seems like the episodic primary [platform] to do something similar to what I want to do. There are a lot of very exciting things going on right now! ”.

After Dionne Warwick set the rules for her biopic, Teyana Taylor expressed her enthusiasm for playing the singer.

“When the LEGENDARY @therealdionnew had this moment with @netflix and they started taking notes in their palm pilots… I was looking at them likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” the Harlem native wrote on Instagram. “  PS One thing about these doors… ..they are open,” she added, referring to her retirement from music.

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