DJ Akademiks treated as obese by Instagram model

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Akademiks is known for his participation in podcasts where he interacts with various people, artists, models and others. Recently, one of those exchanges took a turn for the worse and ended in name calling between DJ Akademiks and another guest. The latter would have gone so far as to threaten him with a weapon.

A podcast that had started well

On a recent episode of the Fresh & Fit podcast , DJ Akademiks was the special guest alongside a dozen Instagram models. One of the women on the panel is a single mother named Whitney LeDawn .During the podcast, she claimed to be a “  child of God  ”. This statement apparently shocked Akademiks who then asked her if she had had her child out of wedlock , which she confirmed. The problems started at this precise moment and it must be believed that for Ak, a single mother does not deserve to be classified among the “  children of God  ” .

The altercation between DJ Akademiks and the Instagram model

“  I just want to know if God would approve,  ” Ak explained. It was the wrong thing to say, because this statement stung the young woman who immediately retaliated  : “  You mean my sins? Let’s talk about yours… Obesity  ”. A few minutes later, LeDawn was invited to leave by the hosts , but before that she also called out to the media personality about her love for brown liquor.

Whitney stayed on the show for another ten minutes yelling at the hosts . These tried to show that she was rude to continuously intervene when she was just invited. After about five minutes, Akademiks said that if he was offended by what LeDawn told him, he would ask one of his daughters to him “  beat up  ” . This blogger’s statement sparked even more ridicule.

Shorty allegedly threatened Ak with a gun out of his bag

In the video from the Fresh & Fit podcast, you can see Ak leaving the screen and continuing to berate the woman. Most surprisingly, he then hinted that LeDawn had taken a gun from his purse . He said this when he came back to the table: “  I don’t know what Shorty was looking for in his bag  .”

This footage isn’t visible enough in the podcast video , so we can’t say whether Ak is true or not. You could see the recording, too, and give us your feedback. Lately, DJ Akademiks continues to mix his name with clashes and altercations , it is as if he likes it.

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