Dj Khaled and Drake: a new collaboration in progress

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A few months ago, Drake had made a name for himself by giving Fat Joe a magnificent Rolex watch. Today, it seems that the rapper is in full collaboration with DJ Khaled. “I have a new track featuring Drake coming out soon,” DJ Khaled said at his birthday party this weekend. 

Recall that in 2020, DJ Khaled and Drake collaborated on the singles “Popstar” and “Greece” from the album “‘Khaled Khaled”‘ of the DJ. Needless to say, these two collaborations were very successful. No wonder the two rappers want to put the cover back, to the delight of the fans. 

Drake was involved in the Astroworld festival tragedy, having been on stage with Travis Scott when the stampede began. Just like Travis, Drake is subject to legal action and for now, he has decided to make himself very small. Discreet since this event, the Canadian rapper has barely been talked about lately. This new collaboration with DJ Khaled will surely boost his morale. 

Next month, Drake will also be alongside Kanye West at the concert in honor of Larry Hoover. “Free Larry Hoover” is an event that will be held in December and that Larry Hoover’s allies will wield to demand his release. 

Drake and Kanye therefore put their differences aside to join forces and serve the same cause. They will both headline this benefit concert. 

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