DJ Khaled claims to have worked 97% of his life for free, reveals future collaboration with Drake

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The famous disc jockey Khaled is a fixture in the music world. In an interview with Miami’s Art Basel , he shares the keys that took him to the top. 

DJ Khaled gives a preview of his recent success

The producer multi-platinum DJ Khaled is one of the most figures in order in the world of modern hip hop. The 46-year-old producer known for his hilarious sound clips, has been involved in some of the most iconic records in hip-hop history . He has collaborated with many artists such as Fat Joe, Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole, Cee Lo Green, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas and Birdman.

Last weekend in an interview with Rashasd Bilal and Troy Millings , Khaled gave advice to newcomers. Indeed, he revealed some of his keys to success.

“  I’m a producer, I’m a DJ, I’m a father, I’m a friend. I’m in real estate, I’m in retail, I’m in restaurants, I’m in it all  , ”Khaled said at the Own Your Masters event. “  We’re supposed to use our social media because it’s really free advertising for your business. One thing I learned about building a good business… If you do good business, you get good, great business in return  ”.  

DJ Khaled collaborates with Drake on new music

During his interview with Bilal and Millings , the super producer spoke about the value of patience. In this regard, he reveals that another collaboration is underway with Drake .

“It didn’t happen overnight for me. Quincy Jones didn’t make Thriller until he was 50 years old. When I was 40, that’s where my greatest success happened. I have worked for free 90 percent of my life, 97% of my life I have worked for free. And anyone can attest to that. But I knew what was needed, and so your social media, you put out those good things, you get those good things back. This is the key,  ”he said.

“  I have new music with Drake coming out very soon,  ” Khaled added  ”  That shit looks crazy too, the voice is in it.”  “

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