Doja Cat doesn’t plan to work with Dr. Luke again and hates his stage name

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In recent years, Doja Cat, the social media star turned pop icon has been propelled into the limelight and shined with each new release. Nominations for the awards have poured in, top hit singles have taken over, and as Doja continues to break records, she is also revered as a liveable artist. The rapper recently sat down with Rolling Stone for their January cover and made a few revelations that surprised audiences. 

First of all, she’s not a fan of her stage name

“My image was the drugged hippie girl, and I’m not that,” she said. “[SNL] made a joke the other day that Doja Cat looked like a Pokemon. And, you know, it didn’t just hurt me, but it definitely hurt me. “

She also touched on her record deal with controversial blockbuster Dr. Luke . Kesha in the meantime dropped her lawsuit against Luke, whom she accused accused of sexual assault, but the latter sued her in return for defamation. A controversy that earned Doja to be criticized by the community for working with him.

Doja Cat no longer intends to collaborate with her producer in the future

“I don’t think I need to work with him again. I don’t think I will need to work with him in the future. I know it, ”she said. “I think it was really nice of me to work with him […] There are things he’s credited with and I’m like, ‘Hmm, I don’t know, I don’t know if you did something about it ”.

Doja later followed up on this statement by stepping back a bit, stating that his “sensibilities in the past about some people attributing my overall success to the work of other people – in particular, men…. The credits on my music are correct, and I don’t want to imply anything else ”.

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