Donda Deluxe: Kanye officially unveils his collaboration with André 3000

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Kanye West unveiled the deluxe version of his album Donda last Sunday. The novelty of this album is undoubtedly the presence of the track “Life of Party”, in collaboration with the rapper André 3000 . This collaboration, Drake had made it leak a few months ago during his showdown with Kanye.  

You should know that Kanye and Drake respectively unveiled “Donda” and “Certified Lover Boy”, almost at the same time. When we know that the two rappers have been waging a merciless war since 2010, it is no surprise that we see that the fans have put these two albums in competition. Moreover, Kanye and Drake did not skimp on the means to sabotage themselves.  

Indeed, Kanye had declared war on Drake by SMS and even leaked Drak e’s address in order to put up the billboards for the Donda album in the Canadian rapper’s backyard. Drake meanwhile did not hesitate to use his pen to clash Kanye. He also unveiled “Life of party”, the featuring with André 3000 that Kanye kept in reserve and that he officially released in this deluxe version of Donda. 

 According to a statement from Andre 3000, he didn’t know that Kanye had planned to clash Drake in his verse. “  A few weeks ago, Kanye invited me to collaborate on his album Donda. I was inspired by his idea of ​​paying a musical tribute to his mother… When I wrote my verse, I was not aware of his plan to clash Drake, ”he explains. 

Anyway, Kanye today invites Drake to unite with him in order to serve the same cause: to do a concert to free Larry Hoover. 

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