Dr Dre and London On Da Track apply to studio as their respective hearts surely bleed

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Dr Dre and London On Da Track, are they preparing a project for us? Certainly, since the two producers were seen together working at the studio.

Loneliness has given new inspiration to Dr Dre and London On Da Track. The two producers made an appointment in the studio this Tuesday, November 23, perhaps to go to the school of Summer Walker who had drowned his sorrow on the tracks.
The meeting between the two celebrities would have gone unnoticed if the excitement of London On Da Track had not prompted him to capture these unique moments and publish a few.
Twitter and Instagram uploaded several images of the little session between the two men. Dr Dre could be seen applying a few chords as he watched London at work. On one of the photos, we can read the following caption: ” B4 you have ever led or taught, you have to be a student first, ”London captioned the photos. “#Legendary 1st Dr Dre x Londonondatrack 11/23/21.  “

Two atypical personalities for a particular production

Dr Dre comes from a different era than London. While it is true that Dr Dre has passed through the ages, it is obvious that his experienced touches will have to draw their sources from a little old School. As for London, it is more imaginative and turned towards modern rap. Everyone must be impatient to see the fruit of this merger. It remains to be seen whether the session between the two had not already secretly started in the past or if it will extend if we consider Tuesday as the start day.

A Dr Dre who feels betrayed and ignorant of the type of woman he married and loved

Aside from the fact that they are both from the same professional world, each of the two producers is going through a black hole when it comes to their love life. Indeed, Dr Dre , married to Nicole Young in 1996, has been separated from his wife since 2020. This separation continues to flow ink and saliva as the producer is sued by his wife with false accusations of abuse of violence and other facts. Nicole claims more than $ 4 million from her ex-husband . The latter did not fail to declare this Monday, November 22, 2021 that he feels betrayed by his wife concerning the way in which the procedure is conducted. “After learning about Nicole’s false abuse accusations last August, I realized then that I didn’t know the woman I had married and loved . “

London totally rejected

As for London, her story with Summer Walker was a drama that Summer used to write her hit second album Still over It. The child that there was between the two did not prevent the separation between them. The baby also didn’t shy away from Summer’s last scathing comments about London signing some tracks from the new record. ” He didn’t WRITE shit and he didn’t PRODUCE shit either ,” Walker wrote in a comment on a Shade Room post before continuing, “He just handpicked the niggas he wanted to do all the work and put his name on them while he was fucking bitches while I was PREGNANT. All he did was sprinkle a wind chime effect on a song that was already done and then put his name on it.  “. The success of her new record which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 (a first for a female R&B album in 5 years) didn’t stop Summer from showing her gratitude in London for her work on the debut album Still Over. But the sweet words will end there for London, as Summer has turned the page and is already writing a short story with  LVRD Pharoh .
Walker has said all the good about her new man. “I have never had someone who put me and my child first. I’ve never had to lift a finger for someone to be truly emotionally and spiritually smart and invest in me. It’s new and it’s good . She said before getting her name tattooed on Pharoh’s face and then hers on her face.

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