Dr Dre and Xzibit have fun about divorce

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Dr. Dre drew inspiration from her divorce. He unveiled a concept during his visit this Weekend at Xzibit.  

Artist news often revolves around a few key themes. When it is not about a new musical release (single, album, EP, mixtape or video clip), it is because it concerns serious accusations in court, cases of burglary or either of marriage at best or divorce at worst. Dr Dre has been hosting the news since 2020 from this angle due to the publicized divorce caused by his wife Nicole Young. In recent days, he seems to be warming his ties with colleagues or former collaborators especially if they are also divorced. We saw it last week with London On Da Track playing the piano and surely working on a track. This interview between the two is not the only one that was on the agenda of the legendary Dre. He also met a longtime collaborator in the person of Xzibit.

A moment of pleasure to prove that everything is fine

Over the weekend, Dr Dre and Xzibit met. The two men have in common to have divorced their respective wives. Xzibit’s ex-wife Krista Joiner has filed for divorce from the “8 Mile” actor after six years of marriage and decades of dating. As for Dre, he is dragged into a lawsuit with false accusations from his wife who is claiming $ 4 million in legal fees and $ 300,000 in temporary spousal support after 24 years of marriage. As was the case with London On Da Track, it’s still the other person Dre meets who posts the footage of the encounter first. Instagram was again the place of choice to deposit the witness photos of the meeting. In a first photo, Xzibit wears a T-shirt with “NWD” on the front,

As a caption, Xzibit wrote,  “Dude, we heal and move on here. #NWD #NiggazWitDivorces »

When the canvas already adopts the concept

Dr Dre’s divorce would have inspired him to another musical project a bit like Summer Walker. While it is true that his divorce proceedings are still ongoing, Dr Dre is based on a court decision dated June 2021 declaring him single to be counted among the divorced. His back and forth with colleagues and especially his last tour with rapper Xzibit increasingly confirms the thesis of a musical project inspired by divorces. As proof, the inscription NWD is the abbreviation of N *** az Wit Divorces which means “The N *** az with divorces”

The concept is rather well received with funny and encouraging comments. We could read for example:

“ Men have to heal too [laughing with a tear emoji] [laughing with a tear emoji] I love that.  Or ”  they were definitely the problems [laughing with tear emoji] [cracking up with tear emoji]  “. 

The comment that is quickly noticed is that of Keyshia Cole who finalized her divorce from Daniel Gibson in 2020. She asked that a t-shirt be sent to her. “  Send mine, thanks in advance,  ” she wrote.

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