Dr. Dre apologizes for Paul McCartney after their meeting: “He’s one of my heroes”

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Dr Dre and Paul McCartney , two superstars who are more successful than a gym punching bag recently met. And it must be said that after having rubbed shoulders with this musical elite, the producer and rapper is full of praise for the icon of the 1960s .

It was undoubtedly an exciting experience for Dr. Dre fans, who had the rare chance to hear new music from the legendary producer as part of Grand T heft Auto Online : The Contract, in which he appears in as a character. In addition to the six new tracks that appear in the online mode of the game, Dr. Dre also revealed that he has completed work on a new album with Marsha Ambrosius , titled Casablanco . He called the album ”  one of my best jobs .” “

Dr Dre in heaven after meeting McCartney

As if that wasn’t enough for fans of the producer, Dr. Dre also posted a photo of his date with another legendary figure in the music world, the one and only Sir Paul McCartney . Dre was thrilled to meet one of the greatest musicians of all time on Instagram. In the photo, McCartney, 79, can be seen wrapping his arm around the shoulder of Andre “Dr. Dre”, who appeared to be taking a selfie of the couple. The rapper captioned the photo with this message: “  Here with one of my heroes. Paul McCartney is cool AF !! I relax with one of the fucking Beatles !! “

It’s cool to know that no matter how famous Dr. Dre is, he’s always excited to meet some of the biggest names in music. Although he has personally been a strong influence on hip-hop over the years, Paul McCartney and the Beatles are the most impactful music group of all time.

A meeting heralding good news?

The legendary producer and former NWA member has a new solo album in the works, which not much is known about yet. The famous Grandmaster Flash recently said that Dr. Dre’s new project “will revolutionize the hip hop landscape  “. Even if the reasons behind the meeting between the two stars are still unclear for the moment, obviously, Dre fans will be quite excited to see a collaboration of the producer with the legend McCartney.

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