Dr. Dre forced to pay his ex-wife $ 100 million before keeping his properties

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It would have taken more than a year of contentious divorce battle before Dr. Dre and Nicole Young reached an agreement. The good news was shared by the Aftermath mogul , this Tuesday, December 28, 2021 on his Instagram account.

The American rapper now in the legal battle with his ex-wife Nicole Young

Dr. Dre was recently seen in an Instagram photo with the caption ”  Divorced AF “, hinting that the legal back-and-forth may be officially over. Following this photo which created imaginations in many people, the media TMZ informs that the legendary rapper will pay 100 million dollars to his wife. According to him, this sum breaks down into ”  $ 50 million now and $ 50 million in a year “.

In return for this payment, the rapper keeps seven of the properties they own. This is one house in Malibu, two houses in Calabasas, and four properties in the Los Angeles area. Added to that is the Brentwood Estate, worth $ 100 million. According to the divorce agreements found, Dre obtains all rights to his original recordings, trademarks and interests in various partnerships and trusts. 

In addition, the two former lovebirds keep all of their Apple shares, including the proceeds from the sale of Beats by Dre. However, they share a fleet of vehicles. For this purpose, Dre was able to obtain 6 and Nicole 4.

Nicole would keep her bank accounts, her money and her jewelry collection.

Nicole would keep her money, accounts and jewelry, but she would be responsible for her legal costs. The ex-wife would have wanted Dre to cover these costs, however. Concurring sources contacted by TMZ claim that Nicole could have gotten a better deal a year ago. They even think the divorce could have even been friendly , but instead things turned sour.

A look back at a legal battle that lasted over time

Married in 1996, Nicole Young and Dr. Dre , real name Andre Romelle Young, had two children. Nicole accused her husband of being violent and of having cheated on her many times. She then filed for divorce. After such an announcement in June 2020, things did not go as planned. Indeed, the two former partners entered into a series of legal tussles.

From the start, Nicole suggested that there was no prenuptial agreement in place. Available reports state that she was claiming $ 2 million per month in child support from her spouse. After his alarming brain aneurysm, Dr. Dre reportedly gave his wife millions, but their bitter separation continued to grab the headlines. Note that the rapper’s net worth would also be estimated at $ 820 million.

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