Dr Dre reveals last text he exchanged with Nicole Young, admits he didn’t really know his wife

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Dr Dre is tormented by the many accusations he considers false and which come from his wife from whom he is divorcing.

The duration of a romantic relationship does not guarantee its success. Dr Dre realized this in 2020 when he separated from his wife Nicole Young, to whom he had been married since 1996. He was one of the role models in terms of the perfect married life. And yet, separation forced itself on him and his wife. And despite this he made sure to express his will that everything happens without much noise, in a peaceful manner and without much arm wrestling in the face of justice. Unfortunately, his wish was not granted.
In court, Radaronline noted a statement from Dr Dre. Dre said she never contacted Nicole again and that the last contact was a text message that boiled down to, “ Let’s stay friendly and peaceful. Completed and released. I love you . “

Dre proposes, Nicole disposes

Despite Dre’s desire to end on a good friendly note, Nicole preferred the confrontation. She cited Dr Dre to appear in court for abuse last January, a charge that the promoter of Beats by Dre headphones has vigorously refuted.
Nicole is currently asking $ 4 million to pay her lawyers in this lawsuit.

Defense of Dr Dre

If Dr Dre referred to his last telephone exchange with Nicol e, it is to signify that he no longer has contact with Nicole who has taken refuge in Dre’s home which has been in Malibu since the separation. of 2020. Having no more contact except when she visited him in January after the aneurysm attack suffered by Dre, he was surprised at the cases of violence mentioned by Nicole who was rather according to his words very kind during his visit to the hospital.
Plus, he took a tour of marital time spent together to get the court’s attention.
“ There were never any complaints of domestic violence made by Nicole before or during our marriage, formal or informal, ” said Dr Dre. He went on to say, “At no time were the police called during our marriage. I was present for Nicole’s testimony. She said there were no witnesses to the alleged abuse and she admitted that she had never spoken to anyone, including her mother, siblings or other family members or relatives. friends, of any alleged abuse.  “

Dr Dre’s sad conclusion

Dr. Dre has come to the sad conclusion that time has not allowed him to discover his wife’s true face. “ There are no texts, no emails, no photographs, no videos, no police reports, no domestic violence records or other documents proving abuse and no witnesses to his offensive allegations. After learning about Nicole’s false abuse accusations last August, I realized then that I didn’t know the woman I had married and loved. ” , did he declare.
He puts all this number that Nicole Young is doing on her sole motivation to make a lot of money from the divorce proceedings.

Like what, we never finish knowing the human being.


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