“Dr. Dre spends $ 7 million a month on extravagant purchases,” says ex-wife Nicole Young

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Things still get complicated after legendary hip hop producer Dr Dre divorces his ex-wife Nicole Young . As the fight over their prenuptial agreement continues to stir up noise, the rapper’s ex-wife is asking for their trial to be postponed on the pretext that the rapper has an unfair advantage in the battle.

Dr Dre and Nicole Young in a long legal battle after their divorce!

Dr Dre , whose net worth surpasses Young’s , has remained adamant that the prenuptial agreement he and his ex-wife signed in 1996 is legitimate, despite his requests to change the document. Over the past year, Young has claimed that Dre’s massive wealth is an unfair advantage in their legal battle . Dr Dre was forced to pay $ 300,000 / month in child support, and despite his counter-suit accusing him of embezzling over $ 350,000 from him, he was also forced to pay $ 1.5 million in attorney fees for Young.

Dr Dre faces new accusation from Nicole Young

According to court documents obtained by  Radar Online , Young claimed that her ex-husband was trying to make the prenuptial procedure difficult for her financially in an attempt to force a settlement, and detailed Dr. Dre’s extreme monthly expenses. “  If anyone is to blame for the contentious and costly litigation, it’s Andre, his team and the choices Andre made, ” Young’s court documents said.

“  As it stands, the only financial resource Nicole has is the support she receives from André, while André has unlimited access to $ 183 million in cash accounts, which he uses. shamelessly to fund his luxurious lifestyle, including extravagant art purchases (in the past 5 months he’s spent over $ 7 million per month), ”his lawyer added.

Even though the presiding judge has yet to rule on Young’s request to begin the prenuptial trial as scheduled, it’s almost certain that Dre will fight back and have the financial resources to do so. But this new statement from Nicole could compromise the rapper. So what do you think of this new statement from Nicole Young  ?

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