Dr. Dre’s Assets Revealed Amid Divorce From Nicole Young

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Nicole Young filed for divorce in June 2020, citing irreconcilable differences, after 24 years of marriage. While the former partners are still working to find a financial deal, new court documents reveal the extent of Dre’s wealth. 

An increasingly unpleasant turn 

Dr. Dre’s ex-wife, Nicole Young, is determined to get her due from the producer and has called in the police in her latest attempt to recover her legal costs owed to her. She claims half of the artist’s estate, and supported by her legal team, she filed an execution warrant against Dre claiming $ 1.2 million for court-ordered legal fees, accusing her of ‘decided to pay only $ 300,000. In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Nicole and her team accuse the creator of Beatsof. “Do whatever he wants because he is a hugely empowered and well-funded litigator who seeks revenge on his former wife by decimating her financially, leaving her without legal representation in this case.”

Dr. Dre’s assets on display

The rap mogul currently holds more than $ 180 million in cash and in his checking / savings accounts, $ 260 million in real estate and $ 6 million in stocks, according to VladTV. Over the past year, Dre sold a large chunk of his Apple stock during the divorce to lock in $ 73 million. 

The order directs the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office to “enforce the judgment” to have Dre pay the full amount of $ 1,224,607, with additional interest of $ 335 per day. Once the documents are served on the founder of Aftermath Entertainment, Young could impose judgment on his bank accounts to collect him.

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