Drake and Kanye West reconciled, will be in concert on December 9 to demand the release of Larry Hoover

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The reconciliation of Drake and Ye will be solemnly celebrated on December 9 in Los Angeles with a concert to demand the release of Larry Hoover.

“ IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN, YOU WILL FAIL. There are good plans in the works to release our brother Larry Hoover with the support of @champagnepapi and @kanyewest #The ArtandScienseOfRespect. To be continued ” . This publication by J. Prince dating from early October 2021, had suggested a reconciliation between Drake and Kanye West in order to free the gangster Larry Hoover. But this dream was almost compromised by the resumption of hostilities between the two artists.
By force of circumstances, Kanye West took to the heights of Larry Hoover Jr and J. Prince’s request to beg Drake to put aside their differences in order to organize a free benefit concert in support of Larry Hoover in Los Angeles together. Proposing the date of December 7, Kanye West added that the purpose of the concert will be ” to show people around the world how much more we can accomplish when we put our pride aside and unite. ”

Four thinking heads united to free Larry Hoover

Drake ended up joining Larry Hoover’s defense crew on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. The crew consisted of Larry Hoover Jr, son of Larry, J. Prince and Kanye West.
The new Team has finally decided as a first action to organize a free concert on December 9th.
This initiative was at the center of discussions between Larry Hoover Jr and Prezident Bejda at the Murder Master Music Show.

A concert to give another image to the fight

A concert to give another image to the fight

With Prezident Bejda, Larry Hoover Jr expressed his satisfaction to see Yé and Drake together again. “ Everything is fine and it’s going at this point. It’s happening! On December 9, you will see them together defending the release of Larry Hoover, ”he began by saying. Larry and the whole team look forward to using this image of reconciliation to send a message that Larry puts it, “ We’re going to get the word out to as many people as possible. We need to let the powers that be know that we want Larry Hoover in our community. This will be a great way to do it. In addition, we want to show people from other communities that we can come together in peace ”.
This move will follow Kanye West’s failed attempt. He had asked President Donald Trump in 2018 to pardon Hoover who was eligible for the First Step Act.
For the time being, Larry Hoover is still serving his life sentence for the murder of William Young alias “Pooky” in the maximum administrative penitentiary of the United States, located in Colorado. Larry is also there on other charges he has been convicted of. These are conspiracy, extortion and money laundering.

A high risk event?

It is obvious that this concert will put pressure on the Bidden administration. But the biggest fear is at the security level. The fans of each of the two artists will come out en masse so as not to be counted the mass of this reconciliation. Many will come therefore not for the cause of the release of Larry Hoover but rather for the beauty of the show. Especially with the Deluxe version of Donda released last Monday from Kanye West.

The mad world that the event will drain will have to be well controlled to avoid another murderous stampede. The police are therefore notified.

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