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On Sunday, December 26, an unreleased video surfaced on social media showing Drizzy crying during Runaway’s Kanye West’s performance at the Free Larry Hoover charity concert at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

In the video, Ye finishes his piano performance of Runaway where he begs his wife, Kim Kardashian, to run away and come back to him . “I need you to come back to me, baby, I need you to come back to me, baby, I need you to come back to me, baby, I need you to come back to me, specifically to Kimberly, ”he chirps in an unexpected and moving moment. In front of him, we see Drake’s eyes cloudy as a tear streaks his cheek. He quickly pulls himself together and nods at Kanye. 

Fans of the Toronto rap star know he is emotional in his songs, but it’s rare to see him get upset in public.

But it was not the only moment to remember the event. As previously reported, Kanye and Drake closed their historic concert with a performance of their collaborative track ”  Forever  ” before leaving the stage together. During the performance, Yeezy embarrassingly forgot some of the song’s lyrics. The Chicago rapper didn’t care at first and quickly recovered from his lyrical failings to complete the last half of his verse. 

Considering that according to Variety, Drake’s 24 minutes would have been removed from the on-demand stream without an explanation, it’s unclear whether this emotional moment from Drake will appear in the Amazon Prime Video stream of the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert.

If Drake was moved by this moment, Kim Kardashian did not overreact

After the performance, Kim K filed papers to be legally declared single while they were still negotiating their divorce. In the documents, Kim notes that “  irreconcilable differences have existed and continue to exist between [West] and me, which has caused our marriage to fall apart irreparably. No counseling or reconciliation effort will be of value at this time…. [West] and I both deserve the opportunity to build a new life. Therefore, I ask that my request for bifurcation and termination of our marital status be granted. “

A source close to the Kardashians finds it bizarre and embarrassing for Ye to appear in public to her while living with his girlfriend.  “Kim makes a statement by repeating that she is single. She finds it strange that Kanye keeps saying he wants her back, but meanwhile he has [Vinetria] in his Malibu home ,  the source told Page Six.

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