Drake pays tribute to Virgil Abloh with tattoo

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Drake now has Virgil Abloh in his skin. He tattooed his close friend on his arm. 

While the Coronavirus pandemic had plunged the world into a torpor in 2020, humanity had resumed the taste for life with a year 2021 which saw a return to a slightly more normal way of life. During this year which is drawing to its end, several events have helped to cross the year with the feeling of the joy of living. Only that this end of the year is marked by a renewed sense of fear and sadness because of the many misfortunes that have occurred. We have had many waves of contamination with a new variant of the coronavirus. Far from the medical sphere, many rappers have fallen under the impact of bullets. Other personalities have also died. Among them, we have Virgil Abloh who will not have the joy of knowing 2022. 

Kanye West’s reaction

Death on November 28, 2021 from cancer, Virgil, the artistic director of Vuitton aged 41, plunged all his relatives into mourning by his death. He was very fond of celebrities and they regularly made dedications to him in their songs. Kanye, beyond the tribute he paid him with his Sunday Service, had expressed the void left by Virgil by deleting all the content of his Instagram account.

Kim Kardashian’s reaction

Hot, Kim also left his first impressions following the death of Virgil. “  God doesn’t make mistakes. I know this, but I still can’t help but wonder why. Why Virgil ?! Why him so early?  “Asked Kim K in his address. She had the strength to offer her condolences to his wife Shannon, saying, “  Because you loved and supported Virgil like you did, he was able to give so much of himself to everyone else. So thank you sincerely for sharing it with us like you did. Virgil’s legacy will live on forever through Shannon, Lowe and Gray. 

Drake’s last reaction

Certainly inspired by Gucci Mane’s latest Long Live Dolph tribute track, Drake decided to do more than just words. In the aftermath of Virgil’s death, Drizzy wrote “  My plan is to touch the sky 1000 more times for you… I love you forever brother. Thank you for everything  ”.

This time, he preferred to get a tattoo and the news was published this Wednesday with the Instagram account of Ganga Tattoo. Along with a photo of Drake’s tattoo which depicts Virgil throwing a kite in the air, Ganga captioned : ”  A memory of the great Virgil Abloh done on Drake ‘@champagnepapi @virgilabloh Microrealism  “.

Drake who did not refer to his tattoo could prepare another shot as a song why not?

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