DreamDoll wears bra made of caps in You Know My Body music video

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DreamDoll’s new music video for her hit  You Know My Body with Capella Gray is very characteristic of New York City.

A very identity clip 

New Yorkers are of a different race and entirely apart. They are known for their Timberlands which they wear year round and they know all the best places to get the cheapest plans in town, whether it’s fashion, music or food. The city has its special atmosphere, and its inhabitants like to remember that they come from there.

As DreamDoll continues to flourish this year, the Bronx-born rapper has officially released the music video for her single You Know My Body with Capella Gray, and it is so New Yorker that it’s impossible not to miss it. watch repeatedly. The rapper begins the video by lounging on a chair on the sidewalk, lying down and wearing a bra made of New York Knicks caps. At his feet as one can guess, were Timberlands with stiletto heels. A lot of ink has been spilled about this video and, as Dream said, it is becoming very “Bedstuy-big”.

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