Drink Champs II: the second part of the interview with Kanye West is coming soon!

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Last week Drink Champs was held with a very special guest, Kanye West . The two-and-a-half-hour episode covered all topics related to the life of the American star, and many names in American hip-hop were mentioned. To break the audience record reached by the first part of his interview with Ye, the director of Drink Champs recently announced the upcoming release of an even more intense second part.

An episode that promises to be very explosive

Although it was released last week, Kanye West’s appearance on Revolt TV’s Drink Champs continues to be talked about in the music world. With over 6 million views and considered by some to be “  the interview of the year, ” the unfiltered chat with the controversial character brought up a whole host of topics and made some shocking revelations.

As everything started to go back to normal, Revolt TV released a trailer on Instagram announcing the arrival of a second part of Kanye West’s interview. This was done through a few clips from the following episode with the caption ”  What if we told you there is more?”  The one-minute clip shows Kanye West drinking alcohol and getting heated about an unfamiliar topic saying, ”  We can’t have a conversation, you are all stupid sons of bitches, that is. whats the wrong thing with you? “. From the video, we can tell the US star is sure to make the headlines. once again with the second part of his interview which should arrive in the coming weeks.

An intense first part that annoys the greats of American rap

The first part that everyone is still talking about today lived up to the hype that followed its release. Indeed, during the interview, Ye opened up about everything he’s been concerned about, all while lighting up a joint and drinking to talk about hip-hop. Perhaps the most inked part of the interview, however, is the one where he revealed signing Big Sean was his worst mistake , which surprised Big Sean himself.

In addition, the rapper born in Chicago also spoke about his problems with Drake and blamed on the capacity of the latter to stir the pot and hide his hand. During this interview, Kanye West did not hesitate to talk about his relationship with his wife , the very famous Kim Kardashian as well as his collaboration with Soulja Boy . Faced with the statements some of the rappers concerned did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction. Soulja Boy stormed a video game livestream and went after Kanye saying, ”  Damn nigga, don’t go up on a public platform and say something other than what you told me to my face ”  .


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