Duke Deuce advocates a more peaceful meaning in human relations to better advance

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Quality Control Music rapper Duke Deuce sees the world with a lot of peace. He exposes his vision and can claim to have launched, perhaps, a revolution.

Putting yourself in the shoes of a rapper today involves a lot of risks. There are rivalries that, let’s face it, give rap all its charm with lines between rival clans on new tracks. Clashes, battles and cruel duels, we have known them in the hot hours of Hardcore. Only that sometimes and especially today still, the stake prevails over the game with in the end, clashes or shootings which result in murders. We recently had the case of the shootings of several rappers. The cases of Young Dolph and Drakeo The Rulerare to this day unresolved. While it is true that crime is at record highs in the United States, what worries the music industry is the murder of several rappers. This observation does not protect any rapper since they are all in danger.

A message to calm the game

While some are content to alert tourists to the risk of violence or others like Gucci Mane dedicate a song to Young Dolph, Duke Deuce wants to speak out instead to limit the first hotbeds of conflict which are the confusion between rappers.

He shared his point last Sunday and believes that getting rich having a quarrel with a coworker is not a good thing. He tweeted the following: ” I don’t just manage to fight with other artists  “. He remains convinced that confusion is bad for evolution. “ It’s a step backwards for me. I am interested in growth and development.  He went on to proudly show that he’s proof that you can be successful away from the mess. “  I’m turning into a billionaire f **** the stupid shit **,  ” he ended up writing. 

A message that receives favorable echoes

Duke’s appeasement message sparked reactions to the point of going viral. The post migrated to Instagram due to a repost that prompted rapper TrapBoy Freddy to comment. “  1,000,000 but unfortunately you can’t stop him when he knocks on your door  ”. This rapper seems to agree with Duke but advancing that it was impossible not to react when you are attacked.

Wiz Khalifa in full pedagogy

Having understood that TrapBoy invites a collective consciousness without which, there will always be a reaction to provocations, Wiz Kahaliza says he is tempted by the experience and launches the challenges for the new year that is coming. “  As artists, let’s try to do stuff next year  ,” Wiz wrote. It goes much further by specifying the habits to ban and those to keep. “  Mind our own business. Don’t disrespect each other’s family, dead homies, or the region they came from. Stop using someone else’s significant other as a way to reach the other person. Show the same love you expect to receive. He ended up doing a little reflection so that this type of behavior is not limited to artists. “  I’m not saying this is all a direct cause of the violence, but changing them might help.  “

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