“Easy On Me”: Adele’s single remained No. 1 for 5 weeks in the UK

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Adele returned to the forefront with a new relationship, a new body and above all new sounds. Indeed, the singer who divorced her ex-husband is currently living a passionate romance with Rich Paul, the sports agent of Lebron James . In addition, Adele has lost weight and now has a slimmer figure.

The artist who had somewhat disappeared since his third album in 2015 therefore made a sensational entry by unveiling his new single “easy on me” from his fourth album “30”. Right now, this single event from the pop star is entering its fifth week as No.1 on the charts in the UK, where the star is from.

A single that breaks records 

“Easy On Me” is now tied with “Someone Like You”, this essential single from the artist who had met with the same success. With the new album “30” , launched on November 19, Adele does not intend to disappear from the charts anytime soon.

“Easy on me” is 67,000 sales of graphics and 7.6 million feeds, according to figures reported by the OCC. The album, meanwhile, drew mixed reactions. Some are fascinated while others are disappointed.

One thing is certain, Adele has the gift of speaking to souls through her music. As she says herself, the album “30” is a therapy for all people who are going through or have experienced a breakup.

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