Ed Sheeran Prepares ‘Shivers’ Remix With K-Pop Singers Sunmi and Jessi

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With the award ceremonies and year-end musical performances, fans expect all kinds of interactions and collaborations between their favorite idols. This year, to offer music enthusiasts something to cheer up on during the holiday season, Ed Sheeran is quite prepared to go out of his way. Thus, he is preparing an exciting collaboration with Jessi and Sunmi, a remixed version of the hit Shivers .

A collaboration that surprises everyone

A few hours ago, the star Sunmi announced on Twitter the next version of “Shivers”. The excerpt shows the familiar instrumental of the original song, while Jessi’s voice can be heard singing, ”  Boy you give me shivers “. Note that this new version of the song is scheduled for November 24 at 18 hours . As a reminder, the original version of the song was released in September as the second single from Ed Sheeran’s album , following the hit ‘Bad Habits’ .

As for Jessi, she’s a Korean-American rapper, whose latest release is the single “Cold Blooded,” in collaboration with Mnet’s dance reality show Street Woman Fighter . Throughout her nearly ten-year career, she has enjoyed many hits with hits such as ”  Nunu Na na” and ”  What Type Of X “.

 Sunmi, as far as she is concerned, she released her latest mini album ”  1/6  ” in August, with the track “You Can’t Sit With Us” and five other tracks on the B side. She made her debut in 2007 with girl group Wonder Girls , and has since pursued a solo career with hits such as ”  Gashina” and “Tai l”.

In addition,  Ed Sheeran’s song “  Bad Habits ” has reached the top of the charts in more than 20 countries around the world. This has earned him two awards at the MTV EMA 2021 earlier this week, in the categories ”  best artist  ” and ”  best song “.

“Is this a cover or a collab? Fans Confused About New Version Of Ed Sheeran Song

Fans would have liked to have more details regarding the upcoming collaboration of the three artists. A few of them pointed out that the song meets the criteria for a collab while for others it is a cover . Jessi’s audiences have also responded to the announcement, and many have said they’re excited about the collaboration , especially considering the quality of the original song. However, this collaboration does not prevent these artists from taking care of their individual project.

Indeed, Ed Sheeran, for example, is preparing for his performance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021 . Jessi, meanwhile, is working on several projects, including Showterview with Jessi . Regarding her lyfestyle, she recently shared a photo of herself in a hospital, a post that has her fans greatly concerned. She was also the subject of a scandal when it was said that Seo In-Young had had a physical altercation with her . However, Seo In-Young denied all these rumors and explained that she knew Jessi as a child and they used to joke.

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