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On Twitter, Eminem expressed his anger after the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the law surrounding the right to abortion in the United States.

It is a terrible step back that has taken place in recent days in the United States. The U.S. Supreme Court has challenged Roe vs. Wade, which guaranteed the right to abortion for all women on American soil. Thus, many conservative states have already announced their intention to purely and simply ban abortion on their territory. Obviously, this decision provokes the anger of millions of Americans across the country, and many demonstrations have also taken place in different cities of the country. Like them, several artists spoke, like Megan Thee Stallion who openly criticized her home state of Texas, while Kendrick Lamar, present at Glastonbury this Sunday, concluded a powerful performance with a committed message in favor of women: “Women’s rights are the will of God” .


Eminem speaks out on Twitter

Like Texas, Michigan could choose to no longer allow abortion on its soil, which has the gift of annoying one of the most famous representatives of the state, Eminem . Usually not very active on his social networks when it is not a question of his promotion, Marshall Mathers still chose Twitter in order to react as a father to this possibility:  “As a father, it annoys me to know that women have fewer rights today than a few days ago. We move backwards”. To accompany this strong position, the Slim Shady also relayed a petition, inviting his fans to sign it, so that Michigan does not give up this fundamental right. Obviously, in comments, a large number of Internet users congratulate him on this noble commitment.

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