Eminem impressed by the quality of DOC’s lyricism by revisiting the latter’s emblematic songs

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The Detroit legend made an appearance in the documentary about the rap pioneer , The DOC He is one of the many personalities you will find in the film. For the occasion, Eminem returned to the quality of the Houston native’s texts.

The DOC: a vast and unparalleled career

Complex magazine has shared a sneak peek of the documentary that traces DOC ‘s magnificent career. The film will highlight the story of one of the very first rappers in the land of Uncle Sam . coming days. On Instagram, The DOC wrote of the documentary: “West East and South. It’s hip hop. The Gangsta Sh*t is when the Real Sh*t can cure the Sh*t. Celebrate with me!!!”


Eminem praised The DOC’s legacy, impact and lyricism

In the extract shared by Complex , we could see Eminem , one of the most emblematic figures of hip-hop . For him, The DOC . brought a lot to the awakening of rap and the quality of his texts remains by far unmatched. “He was doing things that no one had done before, like, just lyrically,” he said.

He then revisited some of the rap pioneer’s iconic lyrics. Phrases taken from the title ”Mind Blowin released in 1989 .

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