Eminem is the most listened to artist by his own daughter

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Eminem’s daughter reveals that her father is the artist she listened to the most in the last year.

Eminem must be proud of his daughter, and the sense of parentage between the two must feel even warmer. Indeed, each of the two had the opportunity to prove to the other that he was what matters most in his life.

Father first

A few years ago, precisely in March 2020, Eminem made the case of his relationship with his daughter Hailie Jade on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin podcast. He had said that being a father is what he is most proud of in life. He seemed to have the feeling of a duty accomplished on this plan. He spoke by showing his perfect knowledge of his daughter as well as the complicity between them. He said “Hailie is 23,” he said at the time. ” No babies, no. Just a boyfriend, and she’s doing well. I’m proud of her, that’s for sure. She graduated from college, 3.9. It’s really crazy. I also have a niece that I helped raise who is a bit like a girl to me. She is 26, and I have a younger one who is 17 now. When I think about what I’ve accomplished, it’s probably the thing I’m most proud of: being able to raise children.  “.

Each turn

Eminem added in his March 2020 interview that “  It’s really important to keep your kids grounded in situations like ours. “. And Eminem managed to do it because his daughter constantly listens to it on Spotify. She shared her Spotify 2021 Wrapped on TikTok on Wednesday, revealing that her father was her most watched artist over the past year. Hailie landed in the top 3% of Eminem’s biggest fans !!!

In a video on Tiktok she captioned: “Do you listen to your father’s music? What ? Do I listen to my father’s music? I think my father has gone mad  ”. Her last response is proof that she listens to her father since she alludes to her father Eminem’s song “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” released in 2002 and in which she appears.

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